Acrylic Paint Supplies for Beginners – Everything Needed for Painting Your First Picture!

Check out my fun (and very first vlog/video blog) video about outlining how I scored everything I needed for my new painting endeavor for under $20.  I headed to the store with my acrylic paint supplies list and found everything I needed in under 10 minutes.  Full disclosure: This post includes affiliate links – I may earn a tiny commission if you click and make a purchase.

Items I Purchased – Found on Amazon

Acrylic Paint Supplies for Beginners List
2 oz Bottles of Apple Barrel Craft Acrylic Paint
Note: I bought 6, but this is a neat set that I will invest in next. It is generally less expensive to purchase in sets instead of by piece, but here are the colors I bought at the store:

– 20501E Bright Red
– 21884E Snow White
– 21384E Sunny Day (yellow)
– 21891E Marsh Green
– 20225E Bright Blue
– 21885E Jet Black

Five Piece Value Brush Set with Resealable Pouch (Identical to mine)

Acrylic Paper Pad (This seems to be slightly higher quality and weight versus the one I purchased, with 24 sheets instead of 10)

Small Canvas Panels – 8×10 – 3 Pack (Identical to mine)


Happy painting adventures ahead! Please comment and share your painting stories and successes below!