Power BI for Accountants: Complete Introduction to Power BI Desktop to Build Reports & Dashboards

Complete Introduction to Power BI Desktop. This video will teach you about how to use Power BI Desktop to clean, transform data and make a Dashboard to Monitor Sales. Take multiple Text files and import them into a single table which can be used for Reports and Dashboards and can be updated easily when new data arrives.
Download Files:
Zipped Folder file Text Files: http://ift.tt/2uczRVa
Excel File: http://ift.tt/2vEnQFN
Finished File: http://ift.tt/2uc5gXA
Entire page with all Excel Files for All Videos: http://ift.tt/1kSFWvs
Excel Accounting Seminar: 2017 WAATP Tacoma Accounting Conferences at La Quinta Inn, July 12
This is the third video in a series of three videos.
Topics in Video:
1. (00:10) Download Files
2. (00:24) Video Introduction and review of Topics covered in video
3. (03:13) Introduction to Power BI Desktop
4. (04:15) Overview of process of using Power BI Desktop to build our specific Reports and Dashboards
5. (05:09) Open and Save Power BI File
6. (06:28) Import Excel dProduct Lookup Tables
7. (08:05) Import and Append Multiple Text Files with Sales Data
8. (15:11) Clean Data
9. (16:42) Discussion of Relationships and why they are important
10. (17:58) Create Calendar Table using DAX CALENDAR Table Function
11. (21:27) Create Calculated Columns with DAX Functions: MONTH, FORMAT and YEAR
12. (21:54) Create Relationships and discuss more about Relationships
13. (26:25) Save As to save Power BI File
14. (26:54) Create Cross Tabulated Power BI Report
15. (28:11) Show Values As % of Column Total
16. (30:35) Create Gross Profit Dash Board
17. (31:29) DAX Measure for Gross Profit %
18. (34:24) Column and Bar Chart as Slicer for Gross Profit Dashboard
19. (36:13) Dashboard Interactivity
20. (38:00) Add New Data And Watch Dashboard Update
21. (39:53) Conclusion & Summary
Event Sponsored by:
Puget Sound/Tacoma Chapter WAATP
La Quinta Inn
1425 E 27th St,
Tacoma, WA 98421
Event Details:
Wednesday, July 12 at 8 AM

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