Max Consecutive Wins for Best City: Array Formula, Lookup 3-D Model – Excel Hash Competition

Excel Hash is a project created by Oz at Excel On Fire At YouTube and sponsored by Microsoft.
Goal of Excel Solution: Calculate the Max Consecutive Wins for Best City, then lookup the correct 3-D Model icon for the city with the most wins and have the solution dynamically update when new data arrives.
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Mynda Treacy from My Online Training Hub:
Oz from Excel on Fire:
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Topics in Video:
1. (00:01) Introduction and preview of finished Excel Solution
2. (02:30) Power Query to Import Data
3. (03:43) What does FREQUENCY Function do?
4. (06:04) Array Formula with MAX & FREQUENCY to calculate Max Consecutive Occurrences
5. (10:07) Lookup Formula to Lookup 3D Model
6. (11:11) What is a 3D Model?
7. (14:33) Form button and Macro to Update Data Source
8. (15:55) Refresh Data and see if Everything Updates
9. (16:09) Summary

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