Mysteries of VLOOKUP Function Revealed! 15 Amazing Examples! (Excel Magic Trick 1514)

Need to learn all about VLOOKUP? Microsoft Excel MVP, Mike “excelisfun” Girvin, presents 15 amazing VLOOKUP examples, from the basics to advanced.
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In this video Learn all about VLOOKUP. Learn from Basics to Advanced. See 12 amazing examples that will help you become a VLLOKUP Excel Master! Video taught by Microsoft Excel MVP and Excel YouTuber, Mike Girvin.
(00:06) Introduction
1. (01:32) VLOOKUP is everywhere
(04:24) The different between Exact Match & Approximate Match Lookup
2. (06:00) VLOOKUP to Lookup Product Price (Exact Match Lookup)
3. (12:25) VLOOKUP to Lookup Straight Commission Rate (Approximate Match Lookup)
4. (18:32) Data Validation List & VLOOKUP
5. (21:45) Copy VLOOKUP Down a Column. Learn about Relative and Absolute Cell References.
6. (27:00) Dynamic Lookup Table: Excel Table feature
7. (31:47) Dynamic Data Source: Use Power Query to import Lookup Table
8. (36:14) VLOOKUP to Lookup Variable Commission Rate (Approximate Match Lookup)
9. (41:00) VLOOKUP & MATCH Function for Two-Way Lookup (Lookup Employee Information)
10. (48:02) Fuzzy Lookup = Incomplete Lookup Value
11. (51:50) VLOOKUP & IFNA Functions to Avoid Errors
12. (53:05) Partial Text Lookup & Converting Text Number to Number
13. (56:28) Avoid Zeros from VLOOKUP to Empty Cells
14. (58:27) Multiple Table Lookup with VLOOKUP and INDIRECT Functions
15. (01:04:40) Two Lookup Values

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