MSPTDA 16: Power BI Desktop Comprehensive Introduction: Power Query, DAX, Dashboards, Publishing

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This video is a comprehensive lesson in Power BI Desktop: Power Query to import data, DAX Formulas and Relationships to complete Data Model, Creating Dashboards, Publishing and Sharing Reports.

Comprehensive Microsoft Power Tools for Data Analysis Class, BI 348, taught by Mike Girvin, Excel MVP and Highline College Professor.

1. (00:15) Introduction of what we will do in this video.
2. (02:25) Overview of Excel Power Pivot & Power BI Desktop
3. (02:44) Approximate History of Power BI Desktop :
4. (03:15) Different Versions of Power BI (Different Power BI Products) Available from Microsoft
5. (04:56)Download Power BI Desktop (link to Avi’s video:
6. (05:43) List of Charts and Visualizations for your Dashboard (Review from prerequisite classes Busn 216 & 218)
7. (06:02) Overriding Steps for our Project
8. (06:27) Open a blank Power BI File
9. (07:04) Introduction to Power BI Window and User Interface
10. (08:32) Power Query to Import Multiple CSV Files and Clean and Transform Data
11. (13:38) Why we do NOT use Number or Date Fields from a Fact Table
12. (15:57) Import Dimension Tables from a Single Excel File
13. (18:09) Merge Snow Flake Dimension Tables into dProduct Table
14. (19:30) Do NOT import to Data Model (Uncheck Enable Load)
15. (20:22) Old Relationship View & New Relationships View with Properties & Better Selection Capability
16. (20:41) Steps to create Date Table using CALENDAR DAX Table Function & Calculated Columns. See many DAX Functions such as CALENDAR, FORMAT and others.
17. (16:10) Sort By Column to get Months to Sort correctly.
18. (27:47) Create Fiscal Periods for Data Table, including Helper Column for Sorting Fiscal Period correctly.
19. (33:12) Hide Columns from Report View
20. (34:00) Create DAX Measures and see why we do not use Implicit Measures.
21. (36:17) SUMX DAX Function
22. (38:15) Row Context (how formula calculates for each row in a table or Iterator Function)
23. (40:12) Filter Context (How Measures Calculate and how Tables are Filtered when Measures Calculate)
24. (41:50) Measure for Average Daily Revenue. Learn about Context Transition. See AVERAGEX Function to iterate at the Daily level.
25. (47:55) Conventions for DAX Formulas with a great tip from Marco Russo and Albetro Ferrari
26. (49:00) More About Filter Context and Context Transition
27. (49:26) Gross Profit Measures
28. (51:48) Refine Data Model in Power Query by Removing Columns in dProduct Table
29. (52:40) Learn about how to Create & Format Visualizations
30. (52:40) Create “Ave Daily GP” Dashboard.
31. (52:40) Create Matrix and add Conditional Formatting
32. (55:29) Create Column Chart and add Conditional Formatting
33. (56:00) Hierarchies
34. (56:52) Drill Down Icons in Power BI
35. (59:09) Create Line Chart
36. (01:00:00) Create Card
37. (01:01:00) Edit Interactions between visualizations
38. (01:02:50) Create “Fiscal Report” Dashboard
39. (01:05:32) Bookmark to save views of a Dashboard
40. (01:06:20) Create “Ave Last 12 Months” Dashboard
41. (01:06:37) DAX Measure for Average Transactional Revenue. See AVERAGEX Function to iterate at the transaction line item level.
42. (01:07:30) Visual of how we change the Filter Context to get dates for a full year backwards.
43. (01:08:25) CALCULATE & DATESINPERID & LASTDATE DAX Functions to calculate Measure for Rolling 12 Month Average for Transaction Level Data.
44. (01:12:08) Create “Question” Dashboard. Learn about Ask A Question feature.
45. (01:13:08) Publish Report to
46. (01:14:15) Edit at
47. (01:14:34) Publish to Web with Free Power BI Desktop version and allow public to review Report
48. (01:16:15)Publish and Share with Power BI Pro Account
49. (01:17:44) Source Data Changes and Refresh
50. (01:18:18) Summary

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