Excel Formula to Add Sales For Each Sales Team in Celebration of Andreas’s 1000 Excel Video EMT 1555

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In this video learn how to create a Sales Team Total Sales Formula in two ways: DSUM Function or SUMPRODUCT and SUMIFS. This video is to help celebrate Andrea’s 1000 Excel Video!!! Here is Andreas Thehos YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AThehos
DSUM with a Criteria area set up to do an OR Logical Test.
SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT to perform adding on an Array Calculation. See a Function Argument Array Operation in the criteria 1 argument in the SUMIFS Function.

1. (00:01) Introduction
2. (00:23) DSUM Method
3. (02:22) SUMPRODUCT & SUMIFS Method
4. (03:21) Summary

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