Count Number of Saturdays in Month – 5 Different Formulas!- Excel Magic Trick 1587

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5 different formulas to count the number of Saturdays in any month:
1. (00:01) Introduction
2. (00:43) SEQUENCE, EOMONTH, DAY, WORKDAY and SUM functions in one formula.
3. (03:04) SUMPRODUCT, ROW, INDIRECT, EOMONTH and WORKDAY functions in one formula.
4. (04:45) Bonus Formula #1, same as previous but rather than doing double negative to convert TRUEs and FALSEs to ones and zeroes, we use the mysterious N Function
5. (05:06) NETWORKDAYS.INTL and EOMONTH functions in one formula. Learn about Text String of ones and zeroes to indicate the Monday through Sunday days that are workdays and not workdays.
6. (06:25) Bonus Formula #2: Amazing Dynamic solution that is linked to cell so we can choose any day and count how many in a month. Same as previous but we use an Array Constant, the Not Comparative Operator, Double Negative and the CONCAT function in the weekend argument of the NETWORKDAYS.INTL function.

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