Things I Have Learned – LPT Episode #1

Greetings, dear friend! Welcome to the very first installment of the “Things I Have Learned” series!  I am so excited to document and share some of the many things I am so fortunate to learn as I journey through this life.

The subject matter will vary – I consider myself a pretty well rounded person – meaning I have a wide range of interests and hobbies.  I am also quite passionate about my work and continuing to grow in that capacity, so naturally some of the LPT (Life Pro Tip) items I share may be technical in nature. Some of what I share may be silly as I’m known for being a bit of a comedian at times. 🙂

I hope that the items I share help you, and I would love to hear feedback from you.  Also, if you have something you would like to share with other readers, please don’t hesitate!

Without further ado, behold this first installment!


If you’re ever caught outside in a thunderstorm and you suddenly feel your hair stand on end, squat as low to the ground on the balls of your feet as possible. Place your hands over your ears and your head between your knees. Make yourself the smallest target possible and minimize your contact with the ground.  Getting struck by lightning has always been a big fear of mine (hopefully irrational)!


SaverLife is an awesome organization that will pay rewards to you if you meet your savings goals (as of 5/29/19).  It appears that they (“EARN”) are a non-profit and there are several useful articles related to personal finance on their website.  I signed up last year and received $60 from them over the course of six months.  Note: This is not an affiliate offer and I have nothing to personally gain if you sign up. Just some free money and great tools/educational material surrounding budgeting and saving for the future. Check it out!