Microsoft Excel in My Life – How I Learn and Share

My Life with Excel – Learn, Grow, Repeat

Microsoft Excel has been a huge part of my life for over 17 years now.¬† It¬†is an incredibly powerful application, with so many features and functions that are not fully utilized by the vast majority of users. ¬†It’s amazing how different my creation and application of spreadsheets, formulas, charts and graphs is today, compared with years ago.¬† Back then, it was absolutely basic Excel for me.¬† There are certain functions that I have had to learn and relearn, due to some of the great advances in the software.

Microsoft Excel in My Life – Ever changing = Non-stop Learning

I learn something new every week!  My skills have continued to grow exponentially and I rarely have to spend more than a few minutes determining an Excel based solution for the business challenges, problems and opportunities I face on a daily basis.

“The Guru”

Colleagues often refer to me as the Excel guru. ¬†After learning so much from some true gurus in the Excel domain, I feel the title is a bit much¬†for me, but I definitely can (non-humbly, sorry) admit that I’m pretty darn good and well versed in the application. ¬†Coworkers¬†come to me whenever they are stuck, or trying to come up with a new way of doing something.¬† I even get calls for help from people in other departments, from around the world!¬† I love to share my wealth of Excel knowledge with anybody and everybody.¬† I am thrilled when I learn something new.¬† I’m doubly ecstatic when someone else does!¬† There are infinite possibilities with spreadsheets these days, when you roll in VBA, Power Query, PowerPivot, PowerBI and Azure!¬† It’s amazing, and I’m only just beginning to truly harness some of that power.¬† Everyone who uses Excel should learn about these!

Tutorials and Posts

My plan is to create tutorials and posts as frequently as I can manage. ¬†I only want to provide meaningful content and information, and truly strive to be clear and concise in my delivery.¬† I welcome your questions and commentary on my posts!¬† I would love to help and teach as many people as possible. ¬†I may even design a class! ¬†Excel makes life easier!¬† That’s one of my mantras!

Please let me know if you have questions or feedback in the comment section.  I would love to hear from you!