Excel Dynamic Arrays: Fully Dynamic Cross Tabulated Reports With Totals!!!!! EMT 1528

Download Excel File: https://ift.tt/2SoQo2c
This video is a follow up to EMT 1520, and thanks to David Milbrandt, we now can have a fully Dynamic Cross Tabulates Report driven by formula inputs, and have totals at the Right and Bottom. This video will blow your mid with what the New Office 365 Spilled Array Formulas can do!!!!! See the functions: SUMIFS, UNIQUE, SEQUENCE, SORT, INDEX, MATCH, TRANSPOSE, COUNTA and IF. Learn how to Append Columns or Rows to an existing Array.
Entire page with all Excel Files for All Videos: https://ift.tt/1kSFWvs
Full Lesson on these new Dynamic Arrays and new Excel Calculation Engine: Comprehensive Excel Dynamic Array Formula Lesson: The Power of Array Formulas (EMT 1516)

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